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Mel Rea

About My Family Wife and mother of 2
Occupation Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor & Vibrant Jack of All Trades
Favourite Body Part to Train Legs & back
Personal Best (Gym/Life) Learning to walk and use my legs again after a spinal cord injury in 2015
Interests outside the Gym Motocross, spending time with my kids, camping and reading.
Favourite Food Pork
What I’d like to be able to achieve Work with people to motivate and support them to change their lives for the better.  With my condition and previous weight issues I know how hard it is to start the change and I want to be able to support and guide others to stay on the road to new beginnings.
You may not know this but… I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and live everyday trying to keep my body together.

Robyn Stevens

About My Family Parent of 2 teenage daughters and recently engaged
Occupation Personal Trainer, Weight Management Practitioner, Group Fitness Instructor and Vibrant Manager
Favourite Body Part to Train All of it.
Personal Best (Gym/Life) Staying sane and strong with consistent training habits over the last quarter century or so (now I’m showing my age)
Interests outside the Gym Socialising with family and friends, hanging out with my fiasco, eating good food, walking and playing with our dogs, admiring hot cars, horses and going on holidays.
Favourite Food Beef
What I’d like to be able to achieve My main interest lays in helping people understand and appreciate their body for the amazing machine that it is, and to find a way to incorporate strength training and healthy eating as a way of life.  It still concerns me, how many people think that strength training is only for blokes, bodybuilders and “fit” people.  Strength Training is for everyone, and my mission is to spread the word! I have recently completed a Cert. 4 in Weight Management so that I can now advise and counsel clients in matters relating to their Nutrition and Eating Habits.  12 Years working in Fitness and I still feel the same, I just want everyone to enjoy the gym as a safe haven where they can go to feel accepted, empowered and accomplished.
You may not know this but… You may not know this but I’m currently in training to compete in my first figure competition later this year.