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Hannah Retel

Hi my name is Hannah and I am the brand new fitness instructor at Vibrant 24/7. I have a decade of experience working locally in the fitness industry. I was a Personal Trainer and Gym Instructor for many years, specialising in working with injuries and ageing bodies,

I have enjoyed running a popular local fitness business, but my passion will always be freestyle group fitness instruction. I have a long legacy of teaching many different kinds of classes. I am particularly well-known in the Hills for my Weights/Powerbar classes, Spin, Step Aerobics, Core Conditioning classes, HIIT and LIIT Circuit sessions.

My approach to fitness has changed as I have gotten older. No longer do I focus on weight loss or appearance, but instead strive to empower clients to find strength in their mental and physical selves through their training. I believe in keeping exercises simple, offer lots of modifications, always low impact and I insist on lots of my bad jokes as well. Exercise is a beautiful key that will unlock a deeper and more satisfying connection with yourself and I aim to help you find that key!

I am looking forward to being given the opportunity to show you what I am all about at VIbrant 24/7.

Nicole Webber

It was during her own pursuit of happiness, truth and meaning and a desire to connect with her life’s purpose that Nicole found yoga. By combining her meditation practice, core values and love of health and fitness she discovered the ancient practice.

Nicole’s desire to serve and help heal others and the world led her to wanting to spread the sacred teachings and practice of yoga as an instructor.

Nicole practices and teaches the ISHTA Lineage of yoga. ISHTA is an acronym for Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda. ISHTA Yoga is a style of yoga that combines different types of yoga practices, blending ancient and contemporary teachings to meet the individual needs of each yogi. Encouraging each yogi to follow his/her own personal path.

Nicole believes that by practicing yoga and creating one positive change within you, there’s no limit to how far the positive change can spread.

Like dropping a small pebble into a still pond, it starts with a single splash, creating ripples that spread far beyond the point of impact. The ripple effect of yoga can change the world; when you change one life for the better

Jade Letts

Occupation Full time University Student, part time Group Fitness Instructor & Crèche Worker
Favorite Body Part to Train Legs & Glutes
Interests outside the Gym Music!! Socialising with friends and family, the outdoors, Scrapbooking and my cats
Favorite Food HSP (Meatbox) and mums homemade spaghetti Bolognese.
What I’d like to be able to achieve Motivate women to become more involved in weight training, muscle is good!  To encourage everyone to stretch regularly to prevent immobility and bad posture in older years.
You may not know this but… I am currently in my third year at university studying Early Childhood and Primary School Teaching where I can’t wait to incorporate health, fitness and music into my classrooms.