We encourage you to bring your own mat, block and strap if you have one and arrive 5-10 minutes before the class starts.

We believe that by practicing yoga and creating one positive change within you, there’s no limit to how far the positive change can spread.

Like dropping a small pebble into a still pond, it starts with a single splash, creating ripples that spread far beyond the point of impact. The ripple effect of yoga can change the world; when you change one life for the better.

Here is a pond full of examples of how yoga helps your body

  1. Improve posture
  2. Improve flexibility & balance
  3. Help improve breathing
  4. Allow you to become more mindful
  5. Can decrease stress
  6. Helps to relieve anxiety
  7. Can assist with reducing inflammation
  8. Improve your heart health
  9. Improve your overall quality of life
  10. Can help to reduce chronic pain
  11. Assists with healthy sleep