Class Times: Tuesday 9:15am
Duration: 1 hour
Instructor: Hannah
Description: LIIT Training has been around for a whilst but many of you may not have heard it referred to as LIIT. When performing LIIT our heart rates say around 60-75% of our max heart rate or for all our Myzone users the blue and green zones.

Low-Intensity Interval Training is very similar to a HIIT without the burpees and crazy moves alike. All workouts have a high and low intensity, but the difference here is that in LIIT, the high-intensity intervals are not all that intense at all and the recovery periods tend to be longer. This means that LIIT is more sustainable and definitely better suited to beginners, those with injuries or medical conditions, whilst still being a fantastic workout for everyone. LIIT is also a fantastic recovery session. Remember your body needs a combination of all the heart rate zones.

In order to get the same benefit as you would in a HIIT session, with a LIIT session you need to work for twice as long so rather than a half hour workout these classes are an hour long. You’ll enjoy compound exercises using resistance equipment and a variety of cardio exercises all delivered with a bright smile and lots of energy.

So no jumping or burpees and lots of energy that will leave you feeling full of crazy endorphins and ready to take on the world.