Class Times: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6:15am
Duration: 30 minutes
Instructor: Robyn
Description: This express class is a fantastic way to kick start your day

This class is an intense half hour of cross training, using a combination of weights, cardio and body weight exercises to really kick your fitness along. These bootcamps are adjustable to suit most fitness levels and always changing for variety. Great for getting you motivated, get on in and give it your best shot!

Monday kicks off the week with boxing.  Freestanding boxing bags or partner work gets you an outstanding training experience every time.   This interval training approach can be adjusted to suit most people and the fact that you are striking the bag or pads burns LOTS of calories!

Wednesday is a fantastic interval training circuit.  Using a combination of weights, body weight and functional training methods to train the whole body leaving you with an enjoyable burn.

The week ends on a high with some tabata training on Friday mornings.  Tabata training is a form of HIIT training.  HIIT is for everyone, as it’s your high intensity not that of the fittest person in the group.