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Tai Chi

Tuesday & Friday 7am

This fantastic hour of Tai Chi will challenge your mind, body and spirit. It is most effective as a group exercise (think of homing pigeons or a fish school wheeling together as one) and is practised using slow, graceful movements that mimic the flow of energy through the body. Tai chi will provide a health benefit for all, regardless of age and fitness level.

Tai chi is not simply a gentle exercise or Yoga.  Learning the physical movements is only the first stage. The second is when you can breathe in tune with the movements. Stage three is engaging the mind fully. Using all three together provides the maximum health and well being benefit which is where we aim for all our participants.


Monday 9:15am, Tuesday 5:30am (Express), Wednesday 6pm & Saturday 8am

Using barbells, dumbells and body weight, Powerbar is an excellent class for building strength through resistance exercises, and increasing tone and fitness through repetition.

Using all the major muscle groups and suiting all fitness levels (from beginner to advanced), Powerbar will leave your body toned, conditioned and feeling invincible. (All fitness levels)

Instructors will coach you through the moves and techniques whilst giving you encouragement and motivation all to great music.  This resistance class is designed to help you achieve more than you would on your own.  You’ll be complete the class feeling on top of the work and ready to do it all again.