Fit Kids

Fit Kids

Fitness isn’t just for adults; little bodies need to enjoy it too and develop good health and fitness habits at a young age to then take into adulthood.  We have fantastic opportunity for mum and dad to train whilst the kids are exercising to.

Did you know that 1:4 children don’t participate in physical activity on a daily basis.  With increasing obesity in the western world we want to encourage everyone to exercise and this will allow not only the kids of our future however their parents to train whilst we work with the children.

Our aim is to work with your children to improve their physical and mental well being, core strength, co-ordination and balance in a happy and safe environment.

Group fitness for kids allows all those children who don’t wish to participate in team sports to be active.  Our classes are individual based and the only competition they have is with themselves.  We are able to alter the classes/movements to suit the individual regardless of where they are at.  The benefits of these classes will also aid other sports your children are participating in such as netball, basketball, football, baseball, gymnastics etc.

For those children who are a little shy and need extra encouragement we encourage the parents to initially start training in the class with their child which we know significantly boosts their confidence as well as providing a fantastic role model.

Term fees are $80 per child or you can come casually for $10 per session.