Categorized as: Low Impact Group Fitness

ABT, Abs Butts & Thighs

ABT needs no introduction.  This strength class targets all those problem areas.  These areas are also responsible for a lot of our posture and stability.

This hour class will leave your butts tingling and you’ll definitely feel where those abs are.


We encourage you to bring your own mat, block and strap if you have one and arrive 5-10 minutes before the class starts.

We believe that by practising yoga and creating one positive change within you, there’s no limit to how far the positive change can spread.

Like dropping a small pebble into a still pond, it starts with a single splash, creating ripples that spread far beyond the point of impact. The ripple effect of yoga can change the world; when you change one life for the better.

Here is a pond full of examples of how yoga helps your body

  1. Improve posture
  2. Improve flexibility & balance
  3. Help improve breathing
  4. Allow you to become more mindful
  5. Can decrease stress
  6. Helps to relieve anxiety
  7. Can assist with reducing inflammation
  8. Improve your heart health
  9. Improve your overall quality of life
  10. Can help to reduce chronic pain
  11. Assists with healthy sleep

Matwork Pilates

This class is suitable for every level of fitness and is a very popular wellness class on our timetable.  These classes are conducted on the mat, utilising your own body weight for resistance. The beauty of Matwork classes is the enormous freedom of being able to enjoy continuous fluid movement with the uninterrupted flow but always at your level of ability.

This class has multiple benefits including the development of your core stabilising muscles and the gluteus muscles.  Increased flexibility, postural awareness and a strong mind-body connection.  These are benefits that you will find invaluable in the gym and everyday life.

With our qualified instructors, we can ensure that your safety is paramount and alternatives are provided for those managing injury or ailments.


Using barbells, dumbells and body weight, Bodysculpt is an excellent class for building strength through resistance exercises, and increasing tone and fitness through repetition.

Using all the major muscle groups and suiting all fitness levels (from beginner to advanced), Powerbar will leave your body toned, conditioned and feeling invincible. (All fitness levels)

Instructors will coach you through the moves and techniques whilst giving you encouragement and motivation all to great music.  This resistance class is designed to help you achieve more than you would on your own.  You’ll be complete the class feeling on top of the work and ready to do it all again.