Teen Training

Teen Training

With the launch of our Fit Kids program we’ve had a lot of enquires regarding what programs and training options we have available for high school students.   From the age of 14, students can train in the gym during staffed hours, then from 16 with parental permission they can have 24/7 access and train at all times.

Students aged 11-13 need additional supervision and as such they can participate in any of our evening group fitness classes or train in the gym with their parents.  The reason we request that parents join in initially for a few weeks with them, or at least remain in the building is to ensure that they are following instructions and are competent enough to complete the class.  It’s important for us to ensure the safety of all our members.  Alternatively you can see the guidance and training expertise of any of our Personal Trainers to train your children rather than training with them.

We have multiple options available for students in the gym.  Memberships are $11 per week with a minimum 6 month term and they can attend as many classes or gym sessions as they like.  Alternatively you can purchase a block pass of 10 visits for $80.  For those over 16 who are permitted 24/7 access this is a one off fee of $55.

Help your children to develop great health and fitness habits from a young age in the safe environment of the Vibrant Community.


Membership $11 per week

Visit Pass $80 for 10 visits

24/7 Access Privilege $55