Specialised Group Training

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Specialised Group Training is a service to our members enabling them to take their skills and training to the next level.  We’re offering technique courses as well as results based training groups.  Working with a dedicated coach you’ll receive the benefits of Personal Training without the cost.  Lets face it we all train at the next level when we have a coach or trainer encouraging and pushing us through our workouts.

Our coaches will be leading groups of 4-8 depending on the programme, through twice weekly 30 minute sessions.  All members will receive nutritional guidance, food diaries, body scans at the beginning and upon completion, access to discounted Myzone belts and our qualified and dedicated Personal Trainers.

You’ll have access to a closed Facebook group allowing you to support and encourage one another.  As our groups are small the camaraderie and support you’ll receive from within your team will make a significant difference to your training.

What is different about our programme?

Small groups
With the groups being so small we are able to ensure that participants are on a similar technical level ensuring that you feel comfortable and safe with constant supervision from qualified Personal Trainers.

Not just another diet group
Our programmes are not specifically for weight loss results, we’re wanting to provide you with the skills and support to take your training to the next level.

Customisation & flexibility
As a small private facility we’re able to customise our programmes to suit the individual needs of our participants and not necessary adhere to a rigid designed programme.

Quick and effective
Your 30 minute session with our coaches will feel like an hour in the gym.  With people being so time poor these days ensuring that you receive a fulfilling and engaging workout in a short period time is just as important to us.

Not just a glorified group class
Many other facilities offer circuit style small group personal training that is a condensed version of a circuit class at an additional charge. We can promise that you’ll be receiving one on one time with your coach learning new skills that in no way replicates our Group Fitness classes.

Our first session will begin in September with a Beginners Battle rope and Kettle bell Group.  Each group will run for 8 weeks totalling 16 sessions at a cost of $399 which can be paid upfront or we do have direct debit options available.

Now it’s up to you if you’re interested in participating in our Specialised Group Training programme and would like more information please complete the form below.

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