Prone T Bar Row

Prone T Bar Row

The prone or laying T-Bar row is a fantastic back exercise.  Here we have Jennie our PT with some tips to make sure you get the best out of your movement pattern.

The muscles that we are predominantly working are the lats, however depending on whether you are using a wide or a narrow grip the target muscles do alter.   The lats cover much of the mid and lower back, including the outer back.  The wide grip on our machine uses the horizontal handles and the the vertical handles for the narrow grip.

For this demonstration we are using the narrow grip hold.   Body position in all movement patterns is paramount as if you do not commence the movement in the right position you may injure yourself or not obtain optimum benefit.

A neutral spine is always the number one starting point.  This allows your core muscles to engage and protect the back and allow the muscles to fire accordingly.  If you position your feet on the base plate at the bottom or in a standing position you can put your pelvis into an anterior pelvic tilt position and for many of us, especially women this is a posture we’re trying to correct not exacerbate.  Ensure that you are laying flat on the bench with your chest fully supported by the pad.












Position your hands in a comfortable grip without strangling the bar as we want the focus to be on driving the elbows backwards not the hands.

When you exhale you’ll commence drawing the elbows backwards and squeezing the shoulder blades back and down and ensuring the arms stay in close proximity to the torso.

Then inhale upon extension of the arms.  This is a back exercise so we want the mind to focus on this elevating the mind muscles connection.

It’s imperative to not allow momentum to take control after the concentric movement (contraction) as the eccentric movement is just as important.  Then complete your relevant repititions.

If you need any guidance or would like to have your form checked on this please do not hesitate to speak to one of our valuable staff today.