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Jennie Potter

Trainer Profile

I Personal Train because:

After having my first child at 20, It quickly hit me that my metabolism was NOT the same, and I now had to step up my game.  So I started my weight loss journey by joining a gym and recruiting a PT, after 12wks I could see changes happening and I loved it. The more children I had… the harder it was, but persistence was the key, and now it is just a natural part of my life. I know how hard it can be, I have full understanding of the effort it requires as a mum and I want to help others to obtain that too.

I love stepping outside of my box and pushing myself to do things that are ‘Not the norm” I have trained with “THE COMMANDO” for a 3day  Bootcamp, I have completed many obstacle courses and entered a Fitness comp 2yrs ago, I do this to show my clients  I don’t just talk the  talk, I walk the walk so that I have that compassion and care factor for my clients.

I completed my ‘Diploma in Fitness”  due to the fact that I have ‘S’ scoliosis and Arthritis in my knees. Finding a trainer to work around these issues can prove quite difficult which over the years has made me want to understand better ways to get the same results that I want.  It is most important to me that my client’s needs are understood and met in order for them to have a fantastic experience in the gym.

I am continuously learning new skills and enjoy completing new certifications to keep me up to date.  I love watching my clients achieve their goals with my help and see them turn into happier more confident individuals.

Let ME help YOU become the best YOU…. You can be!

My favourite form of exercise:
All of it, every one has it’s place

My favourite thing about being a PT at Vibrant Health & Fitness:
It’s small, the people are friendly and it’s the gym I use for my own training.

My favourite cheat food:
Connoisseur cookies and cream…. Or a Big Mac…. Or Twisties….Or Cadbury fruit & nut …. haha  depends at the time:)

Words of wisdom:
Don’t let what you eat catch you! Get up and move.

Diploma of Fitness
Kettlebell Level 1&2
Punch Fit Level 1
Comprehensive Guide to Exercising through Pregnancy & Beyond
Battlerope Essentials