About Personal Training

Our resident Personal Trainer’s at Vibrant Health and Fitness know the value that personal training brings to our members.

Personal Training is for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned trainer, recently had a baby, recovering from an injury or have specific goals in mind such as an upcoming wedding, sporting challenge or just want to take your training to the next level.

We’ve put together some information on how Personal Training can help you achieve your goals. If you would like to make an appointment with one of our Personal Trainers email us today or call 9293 0722

1. It’s Educational

Personal Trainers are trained in teaching others how to exercise. And whilst exercise is only a part of the picture, with nutrition and lifestyle playing an essential role, if you don’t get exercise right then you will never achieve your goals.

Personal trainers are able to not only show you how to perform the exercises safely and effectively but can assist you in modifying them to suit your personal needs and ability.  Our PT’s are here to ensure that the exercises you’re are performing will meet your goals. For example if you’re wanting to increase your core strength and spending all your time performing cardio exercises you won’t meet your goals.

With all the fitness information available on the internet and social media we’re seeing an increased number of people being injured whilst performing exercises they have not received the training for and this can impact their health and fitness for a long time. Having a trained professional show you how to execute the moves properly greatly reduces this risk and increases the effectiveness.

2. They Help Perfect Form

Having one of our trainers demonstrate the correct posture and technique is invaluable. We ensure our clients are performing exercises both correctly and efficiently, in order to maximise their results. If your form is not correct, then you are at increased risk of injury as well as not achieving your goals.  Perfecting form also allows you to break a move down that you’re not quite ready to complete into achievable steps.

3. They Can Help With Your Unique Requirements

Everybody is different, and that means everyone’s abilities and requirements are different when it comes to exercise. We see many clients who have a previous injury and as a result a phobia to exercising. Working with a PT gives you a fantastic safety net to step back into the world of fitness.

Personal Trainers allow our members with special requirements to receive the 1 on 1 attention they need.  For example, if you have an old knee injury that required surgery, however since then you haven’t completed any form of physical exercise to rebuild the muscles or improve mobility, then you are going to need different exercises and have different goals to an athlete who is training to run a marathon. This is where a Personal Trainers experience can make a huge difference to your training program.

4. They Help You Set Realistic Goals

Everyone wants to achieve their goals NOW, whether they be weight loss, wash board abs or Arnie arms.  To ensure our clients don’t become discouraged we help them set realistic goals.  Whilst 10kg weight loss might be the overall goal we’ll break it down into smaller stages to ensure you don’t become discouraged and disheartened.

A Personal Trainer will not only help you set realistic achievable goals – if you put in the effort, of course – but they’re here to guide you to actually hit those goals. Our PT’s will help you work through altering your diet to eat the correct foods, mixing cardio and weights to work the right muscles, and setting a timeframe in which your realistic goals can be achieved.

5. They Can Help With Specific Goals, Such As Preparation For An Upcoming Occasion

Personal Trainers are the perfect tool to help you achieve a specific goal. This is great for those who are training for that special event whether it be their wedding day or first marathon.  Personal Trainers can help you set a plan in place on how you need to go about training to achieve your goal.

6. They Hold You Accountable

How many times have you gone to bed and said to yourself, ‘Tomorrow I’m going to wake up, go to the gym, and do an hour workout’, then tomorrow arrives and it’s raining so you decide to sleep for another hour?  Having a PT is a critical part of the process of helping your stay accountable and sticking to your goals.  If you have an appointment with your trainer your are far more likely to attend because it’s raining definitely won’t cut it.

7. No Wasted Time = Maximum Results

Do you find yourself wandering into the gym doing your warm up and then drifting as you don’t know where to start?  Or do you walk in with a plan in mind hit the machines with purpose know what your plan is?

It’s fairly obvious that the first member won’t be achieving their fitness goals unless they get some help and have someone to direct them.

8. It’s Not Just Fitness They Can Help With

Our PT’s know that only part of your goal is achieved in the gym with nutrition and well being playing a large part in your success.  They’ll guide you to ensure that your nutrition and meal planning will meet your needs.

9. They Improve Your Mental Health

It is a well known fact that physical exercise can help with mental health issues such as depression. Having a PT to help when your suffering from mental health issues can help with motivation and importantly with choosing the right exercises.  They are also fantastic just to be another shoulder to lean on.

10. It’s Not Just About Your Physical Health

Personal Trainers like Hair Dressers get to know everything about you and your extended family.  You’ll tell your PT about your week, work and family – this is normal.  A Personal Trainer is there to help with your fitness goals, yes, but they’re also there to help improve your overall well being which includes your mental well being. They care about how stressed you are, that you’re not sleeping or eating poorly because all of this impacts on how motivated you are in your sessions.

11. They Help You Form Good Habits

As humans we form both good habits and bad habits.  Having a fantastic Personal Trainer is like having a second conscience, always encouraging you in the right direction to build the good habits and kick the bad ones.

12. Personalised Training Plan

There are always going to be some exercises that you enjoy more than others, and some that you just can’t stand to do even though you know they are good for you.  Our PT’s are here to customise your exercises to achieve the goals you want whilst keeping it fun and enjoyable.

There will be days where injury or illness means that you need to change your program up for that session.  Your PT will make sure this is done safely and to keep you on track with your goals.

13. They Challenge You

Do you find your workouts are stagnant?  Do you look at a peice of equipment and wonder what it’s for?  Are you training and getting no where? A Personal Trainer is what you need to support and encourage you to challenge your abilities and take your training to the next level.

Don’t think you could never to a pull-up?

Positive you won’t fit back into your favourite dress?

Do you say “I can’t do that because……!”

A Personal Trainer is your biggest supporter and without them, your fitness goals are that much harder to achieve. So what are you waiting for? Send us an email or call today 9293 0722.