Membership FAQ’s

Q: How can I join?
A: You can visit the gym during opening hours alternatively you can send a request and we’ll have one of our excellent staff call you back.  Click here to head to our contact page

Q: What age do you need to be to train at VH&F?
A: We offer memberships to people aged under 18. A parent or guardian will be required to assist you to complete the membership forms.
If you are under the age of 16 years you can train at the facility however you must be accompanied by someone older than 18 years of age.  For those over 16 and under 18,  you will require written parental permission to train unaccompanied by a responsible adult during unmanned hours.

Q: Does VH&F offer a student discount?
A: We are one of the few facilities that provide a discounted membership for high school students. You will need to show your full-time student identification and proof that you are 18 or under, on sign up to be eligible for the membership, and for those under 18 a parent or guardian present.

Q: Does VH&F offer a FIFO discount?
A: We acknowledge the fact that FIFO members are not able to use the facility as often due to rosters.  When you complete your membership with a valued team member they will adjust your membership based on your availability to use the facility.

Q: Who do I contact regarding direct debit or payments?
A: If you have any questions regarding payments or if you would like to change your payment details, please contact us in writing by email.

Q: How do I update personal and/or account details?
A: You can update your personal details by contacting us either in person or by email.

Q: Can I suspend my membership?
A: We offer members the flexibility to suspend their membership due to travel and/or illness once every 12 months fee-free then all other suspensions thereafter incur a $50 fee.  Minimum suspension time of two weeks and a maximum of six weeks applies. Suspensions do not roll over or accumulate. Suspension for medical reasons is also free of charge upon presentation of a medical certificate. If you require a suspension beyond any of the above parameters you may submit a request and one of our valued team members will get back to you.

Q: When can I cancel my membership?
A: We understand that circumstances change or that you may move from the area and wish to cancel your membership. If you wish to cancel your membership at any stage, please email info@vibranthealthandfitness.com directly.

Additionally, here are some important things to understand about applying to cancel your membership.

  • Direct debit UFN (Until further notice) memberships have a minimum term/number of payments that must be made.  This automatically rolls over to a month-to-month agreement once the minimum term/number of payments has been met/made. The direct debit membership will CONTINUE AFTER THE MINIMUM TERM HAS BEEN REACHED UNTIL YOU REQUEST TO CANCEL IT BY NOTIFYING US IN WRITING.
  • If you would like your payments to automatically stop at the end of your minimum term, please put your intention in writing (email) and allow 4 weeks.
  • All memberships require 30 days’ notice period to cancel.

Q: How do I cancel my membership?
A: Application to cancel your membership must be submitted in writing to the club manager and 4 weeks’ notice provided. You will still enjoy access to the club in the final 30 days so you can continue your training.
If you would like to cancel your membership within the 48-hour cooling-off period, please email info@vibranthealthandfitness.com

If you would like to cancel your membership based on a permanent disability or serious illness, please put your request in writing along with a letter from a medical practitioner detailing the disability or illness.  Please be advised this is done at the discretion of the gym.