Functional Training & Why we’re the best value for money.

Functional Training is currently the in word in fitness. So what is functional training?   Functional Training is all about taking daily movement patterns and incorporating them in a workout for a better, stronger you.  Many of us injure ourselves whilst performing daily activities because we don’t move in the pattern which our bodies have been designed for.  How many times do we see people picking items from the floor like this?









Would you consider lifting up a heavy weight in the gym this way? Of course not, because you’re aware of the increased risk of hurting yourself.  The pressure we place on our spine with dysfunctional movements is much more than we realise. It is not only the spine that this effects but other joints as well.  How many people have a shoulder injury from over use or incorrect positioning?  The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body and needs to be supported by the shoulder girdle.  Incorrect positioning of weights above head and shoulder positioning during body weight exercises places unnecessary and damaging pressure on this girdle.

Incorporating these daily movements patterns into your workout allows you to reprogram the brain.  When we’re infants and our joints and muscles are still flexible squatting down on our heels is a natural movement.  The percentage of population that can then complete this as an adult is minimal.  Our instructors have a passion for helping our members achieve good movement patterns and this always proceeds weight and volume.













There are a lot of facilities out there that only have Functional Training classes and lock their members in to a group sessions timetable only with a considerable membership fee attached.  Here at Vibrant we like to provide our members with a holistic approach.  So whilst we have a fantastic Functional Training program we’re also aware of the need to balance in strength & conditioning  training, flexibility training and  mental well being.

All this is included in our standard membership fees which start at $12.95 per  week.  We also have our fantastic 14 day fast pass where you can try all the benefits of our gym and our wide array of classes before you decide on which membership option is best for you.

Our dedicated functional classes include;

Tuesday 6pm, Thursday 9:15am & 6pm, Saturday 8:30am & 9:15am
MetaPWR is a 30-minute, metabolic resistance workout, combining bodyweight and weighted compound exercises with little rest to maximize calorie burn and increase the metabolic rate during and after the workout.  The class uses large muscle groups mainly compound exercises which are movements that require a maximum amount of energy because multiple joints are involved like a Squat with a Press.

MetaPWR is TRUE high-intensity anaerobic exercise that makes you breathless. If you are completing a MetaPWR workout and you are not breathing hard and sweating, something is wrong. Ideally, you should be lifting as heavy as you can and resting as little as possible between sets.

Monday 6pm
The first part will be technique coaching.  We’ll be cycling through compound movements and building our skill and strength.  Using both progression and regression movements under the supervision of our trainers you’ll be challenging yourself in no time.

The second part will be a 20 minute AMRAP.  Combining several movements to make a round you’ll be performing as many rounds as possible.  AMRAP workouts are great for tracking your fitness gains and seamlessly progressing your workouts as you get stronger, where the only competition is yourself.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6:15am
This class is an intense half hour of cross training, using a combination of weights, cardio and body weight exercises to really kick your fitness along. These bootcamps are adjustable to suit most fitness levels and always changing for variety. Great for getting you motivated, get on in and give it your best shot!

Boxing Bootcamp
Tuesday 9:15am & Wednesday 6pm
A two-for-one cardio and strength workout, boxing improves overall fitness. In addition to boosting your strength and cardio, boxing improves a number of skill-related parameters of fitness, including balance, coordination, reactivity, and agility.



2019 Group Fitness Changes

We have began to make changes to our Group Fitness timetable to bring to you more variety.  This week has kicked off our Thursday morning MetaPWR class and Tuesday evening sees our Meditation classes starting at 7pm.

Below is our current time table for your information.  You can also click here and head to our website to view our timetable for all classes.

We hope you enjoy the changes and look forward to some exciting new additions in 2019.

Andy & The Team


Teen Training

With the launch of our Fit Kids program we’ve had a lot of enquires regarding what programs and training options we have available for high school students.   From the age of 14, students can train in the gym during staffed hours, then from 16 with parental permission they can have 24/7 access and train at all times.

Students aged 11-13 need additional supervision and as such they can participate in any of our evening group fitness classes or train in the gym with their parents.  The reason we request that parents join in initially for a few weeks with them, or at least remain in the building is to ensure that they are following instructions and are competent enough to complete the class.  It’s important for us to ensure the safety of all our members.  Alternatively you can see the guidance and training expertise of any of our Personal Trainers to train your children rather than training with them.

We have multiple options available for students in the gym.  Memberships are $11 per week with a minimum 6 month term and they can attend as many classes or gym sessions as they like.  Alternatively you can purchase a block pass of 10 visits for $80.  For those over 16 who are permitted 24/7 access this is a one off fee of $55.

Help your children to develop great health and fitness habits from a young age in the safe environment of the Vibrant Community.


Membership $11 per week

Visit Pass $80 for 10 visits

24/7 Access Privilege $55

Prone T Bar Row

The prone or laying T-Bar row is a fantastic back exercise.  Here we have Jennie our PT with some tips to make sure you get the best out of your movement pattern.

The muscles that we are predominantly working are the lats, however depending on whether you are using a wide or a narrow grip the target muscles do alter.   The lats cover much of the mid and lower back, including the outer back.  The wide grip on our machine uses the horizontal handles and the the vertical handles for the narrow grip.

For this demonstration we are using the narrow grip hold.   Body position in all movement patterns is paramount as if you do not commence the movement in the right position you may injure yourself or not obtain optimum benefit.

A neutral spine is always the number one starting point.  This allows your core muscles to engage and protect the back and allow the muscles to fire accordingly.  If you position your feet on the base plate at the bottom or in a standing position you can put your pelvis into an anterior pelvic tilt position and for many of us, especially women this is a posture we’re trying to correct not exacerbate.  Ensure that you are laying flat on the bench with your chest fully supported by the pad.












Position your hands in a comfortable grip without strangling the bar as we want the focus to be on driving the elbows backwards not the hands.

When you exhale you’ll commence drawing the elbows backwards and squeezing the shoulder blades back and down and ensuring the arms stay in close proximity to the torso.

Then inhale upon extension of the arms.  This is a back exercise so we want the mind to focus on this elevating the mind muscles connection.

It’s imperative to not allow momentum to take control after the concentric movement (contraction) as the eccentric movement is just as important.  Then complete your relevant repititions.

If you need any guidance or would like to have your form checked on this please do not hesitate to speak to one of our valuable staff today.



MetaPWR Saturday’s

We’ve been listening to your feedback and as of the 4th of August we will be running back to back MetaPWR with a 8:30am Class and 9:15am Class on Saturdays.

We’re able to have a maximum of 20 people in each of the classes however to begin with we’ll be limiting the classes to 16 per class. There will be a registration form located on the glass table for you to pre-register for the class and ensure your place.

MetaPWR is a high-intensity anaerobic exercise class that makes you breathless. If you are completing a MetaPWR workout and you are not breathing hard and sweating, something is wrong. Ideally, you should be lifting as heavy as you can and resting as little as possible between sets. For those of you with Myzone belts you will be operating in the 85% to 95% range in this class. MetaPWR will create a burning sensation in your muscles as you are working out. So by your last rep of a given exercise, you should be feeling a burn in your muscles.

So why are we sharing this information with you? Because MetaPWR should leave you feeling exhausted and physically not able to complete another session. We know some of you will think you can do back to back MetaPWR sessions because you enjoy it so much however you shouldn’t physically be able to participate if you’ve worked at your maximum effort, so for your own safety we are not permitting this.

Classes are open to members as well as non members.  Non members can pay $15 per session or purchase a visit pass at discounted rates. Our visit passes can be used for classes as well as casual use of the gym they are purchased as; 10 visits $125 or 20 visits $200

Remember to book your children into creche when you book into the class to ensure we have sufficient staff available.

We hope you all take advantage of this additional class and enjoy the burn.